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Customizable & Realistic

The world’s most realistic 3D water-based electric flame effect, patented by Dimplex.

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Innovative & Low-Effort

The most popular, zero maintenance electric flame technology, invented by Dimplex.

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Reliable & Optimized

The first and original virtual flame technology, patented by Dimplex.

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A Unique Fireplace Experience


Optimyst® is the world’s most realistic 3D electric flame effect for those looking for a truly authentic experience, combined with the safety and low maintenance of an electric solution. Patented by Dimplex, it offers a flame experience that can be enjoyed from all angles, making it perfect for stunning room dividers and see-through fireplaces. This unique flame effect is generated by an innovative combination of cold water vapour and light.

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Personalize Your Fireplace


Optiflame® is the original Dimplex electric flame effect, and revolutionised the electric fire market when first launched in 1988. It creates a mesmerising and lifelike flame that provides warmth and ambiance in any room, with complete safety and the peace of mind of a maintenance free, electric solution. Endlessly refined and continually evolving , Optiflame® remains the world’s most popular electric flame technology.

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Technology Meets the Magic of Fire


Opti-V® is the first and original virtual flame technology, patented by Dimplex. This stunningly authentic fire experience requires no maintenance and delivers a flame image equal to that of a traditional fire, with no emissions and in total safety. It delivers a virtually perfect flame effect through a magic combination of High Definition video and LEDs.



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Complete Realism

Delivers convincing realism with lifelike and unpredictable flame patterns.

360 view angle

3D Viewing Angle

Optimyst offers an immersive 3D flame. Viewable from all angles.



Optimyst allows for a hassle-free installation, anywhere, any time.



Uses only water and electricity. A responsible choice for heating.

Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Optimyst fires stand out for their minimal requirements.


Customizable Flames

Optimist fires allow total customization in colour and intensity.

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Unique Flames

Offers realistic flames, closely mimicing natural colours and movement.

easy to use

Ease of Use

Optiflame requires no maintenance and is easy to control with remote or app



Very versatile in usage, perfect for cinewall or other built-in applications


Emission free

Functioning only on electricity. All optiflame fires are Eco-conscious

Low maintenance

No Upkeep

Optiflame fires require zero maintenance.


Full Customization

Personalized flame dynamics with newer models and app compatibility

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High Definition Flames

Uses HD-video technology to create an incredibly realistic fireplace experience.

easy to use


Opti-V offers a hassle free, no maintenance electric solution



Offers a wide range of options, perfect for every home.


Green and sustainable

Low-Energy and environmentally responsible.

Low maintenance


Opti-V offers a reliable flame, suited to your preferences

Plug and play

Plug and Play

Works with the click of a button, controllable by remote or app


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