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The ultra slim electric fire with the original Virtual Flame technology.

Dimplex Vista

A synergy of innovation and elegance

The Vista is the perfect fusion of a rich fire experience and space-saving design. With Dimplex's original Virtual Flame technology, you'll experience an unprecedented level of realism in the flames. Enjoy year-round comfort with the integrated 1.8 kW heater, complete with thermostat control. The Vista's premium ceramic log set adds a captivating element to any room, even when the fire is off. The synchronised sound of crackling fire completes the experience. The Vista's shallow installation depth, yet generous dimensions, make it easy to install without compromising its impressive fire view.


The original Virtual Flame technology

Dimplex is a pioneer in Virtual Flame technology and holds the patent for this ground-breaking innovation with its Opti-Virtual® fire technology. Our commitment to realism ensures that with Vista you will experience the most authentic and captivating electric flame display ever created. Using high resolution video projection and strategically placed mirrors, we create a lifelike and mesmerising fire experience.

Easy installation

Slim profile, immersive fire view

With its slim profile, Vista is designed for easy installation, even in small spaces. Its small depth of less than 40cm offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to install the fireplace in virtually any room in your home. The sleek design doesn't compromise the grandeur of the fire. Measuring 130 cm wide and 40 cm high, it envelops your space with a fascinating and immersive fire display that belies its minimal depth.

Captivating centrepiece

Realistic log set and authentic fire sound

Vista's premium ceramic log set adds authentic elements to your fireplace experience. Even when the fire is out, these logs create a stunning centrepiece in any room. In perfect harmony with the visual effects, Vista's synchronised fire sound, with the soothing crackle of a log fire, enhances the atmosphere for an exciting sensory experience. Now you can enjoy the relaxation and satisfaction of a traditional fire without the drawbacks.

Thermostatic control

Integrated 1.8kW heater

Vista offers more than just a stunning visual spectacle. The integrated heating system with variable settings and thermostatic control provides warmth and comfort, perfect for all seasons. Adjust the temperature to your preference and create a cosy atmosphere during the colder months.

Built to last

5-year warranty

The Vista has been developed with a strong focus on servicability and durability, backed by more than 12 years of technical expertise. That's why we confidently offer a 2-year standard warranty, plus an additional 3 years. Our service team is ready to solve any problems quickly and efficiently. This means you can enjoy your Vista for the next 5 years without any worries.

Remote control

Convenient control at your fingertips

The Vista's remote control gives you complete control over the settings, allowing you to effortlessly adjust them for the perfect ambience. You can precisely control the temperature, flame intensity and sound, adapting your environment to your preferences and seamlessly matching changing seasons and tastes.

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