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We devote our energy to delivering comfort and sustainability. Without compromise.

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We actively seek to partner with people to make better choices as we all strive for a better tomorrow.

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Solutions for the living, breathing heart of interiors, ensuring people live and feel better today and tomorrow.


Why Electric

Experience ultimate comfort with a decorative electric fireplace. Effortlessly control the warm ambiance with a remote, free from smoke ventilation. No maintenance, ash, or cleaning – just pure enjoyment. Safety is key, with no emissions or fire risks. Enjoy a cozy flame effect year-round independently of the heating. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, transform any space into a stylish haven with electric fireplaces.

Experience better living

About Dimplex

With over 50 years of experience, we're the trusted choice for millions worldwide seeking daily comfort from our innovative electric fireplaces. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and patented flame technologies ensures the perfect atmosphere in any home. Trust our specialized service for efficient support, bringing comfort and sustainability without compromise with Dimplex.

What are my choices?

Find your favourite

Choosing the ideal electric fireplace is a personal decision based on individual preferences and specific needs. From design aesthetics to heating capabilities, the diverse options cater to varying priorities. Whether you seek a cozy flame effect, energy efficiency, or seamless integration, our range allows you to tailor your choice for the perfect balance of style and comfort in your living space.

Innovative technologies

Our Flametechnologies

The warm, crackling glow of a fireplace creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any home. Dimplex, an innovative brand in the electric fireplace industry, offers a diverse range of advanced flame effect technologies to meet every preference and interior style. Dimplex's flame effect technologies include Optiflame, Optimyst, and Opti-V.

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