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Let Dimplex Inspire You

About Dimplex

Ambiance for generations

Constant change has become a constant. Our lives and homes are more and more flexible, conscious and sustainable. Fixed values seem to be increasingly on the way out. We need positive vibes, fun, beauty, intimacy and atmosphere to be able to go with the flow!

Vision on living

Flexible and modular living

Important elements in a home are space and comfort, and how you can play around with them. A Dimplex fireplace can add comfort and atmosphere to the available space. Whether that space is in a stately mansion or in a small apartment, there is a solution for every home and for every room. A fireplace is not only suitable for the living room, but also adds value in your kitchen, when you are cooking for your loved ones or friends. Think of the sense of wellness provided by a fireplace when you take a luxurious bath or relax on your balcony after a long day.

Fire Technique


Fire from water. The “fire” in a fireplace with Optimyst® technology consists of unique flame patterns and water mist, moving along freely in the surrounding air. The captivating effect is the result of a combination of energy efficient lighting and safe water mist.


A fire with Optiflame® technology shows calming flames above the lit fire bed, resulting from a soft light reflected in a large number of moving mirrors. Depending on style and mood, the colours of the flame and fire bed can easily be adjusted in some models. Very contemporary! Furthermore, the fire bed of some models can be decorated entirely to your own taste, using materials other than the ones supplied. This means you can personalise your fireplace to suit your own interior design.


Very lively and intensely glowing flames, with sparks that occasionally fly from the sturdy wood blocks. Opti-V® fire technology consists of a sophisticated combination of HDTV, energy efficient LED technology and a realistic fireplace interior. The calming sound of the crackling fire is a standard feature of all the Opti-V® models.


Revillusion is our latest flame technology and a new milestone in electric fire. The brick interior gives a unique broad view of life-like flames. These flames rise up without reflection from the life-like, sparkling, glowing wood feature in the centre of the fireplace. The colour and intensity of the light can be adjusted in many different ways with the easy-to-operate remote control. The light view can be adjusted precisely to the required atmosphere, the style and the surrounding light.