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Here we publish articles that explain and present our electric fireplaces in ways you may not have considered before. Check out our posts and learn more about Dimplex electric fireplaces.

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Vivente Plus Setting

Discover the Vivente Plus: An Enhanced OptiFlame Fire Experience from Dimplex

The latest addition to the Dimplex OptiFlame collection is here! Allow us to introduce the Vivente Plus, a beautiful fireplace featuring enhanced flame technology and a range of new features to enrich your living space. Whether you're seeking a warm and cozy ambiance or simply want to enjoy a realistic flame display, the Vivente Plus has everything you need. Let's explore some of the exciting new features of this innovative product.

Sustainability Built-in Niews Technology
5 min read
Vista Blog Header

Discover the Latest Developments in Dimplex's Opti-Virtual Fireplace Technology with the Vista 70 & 130

At Dimplex, we are constantly driven to explore new possibilities and pioneer in the world of electric fireplaces. We always strive to innovate our technologies and surprise our valued customers with groundbreaking developments that transform living spaces and bring warmth and coziness. As the founder and patent holder of Opti-V technology, we proudly introduce the Vista, a unique fireplace that offers the most authentic fireplace experience without the traditional drawbacks, setting a whole new standard in the electric fireplace market.

Built-in Niews Technology
5 min read