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Customize flame colour, brightness, and flame speed.

Dimplex_Icon_Deep Red_Edge to edge

Bigger Better Viewing

Elevate your fireplace enjoyment with an impressive 406mm high viewing area

Dimplex_Icon_Deep Red_1 2 or 3-sided

Flexible installation

A choice of 1, 2 or 3-sided fireplace.

Dimplex_Icon_Deep Red_Decoration

Media bed

Comes with a stylish log set and embers.

Customizable Flame Settings

Personalize Your Experience

Every function of the Ignite Bold can be controlled from your smartphone via the Dimplex Flame Connect App. From heat output to flame and media bed colours and even flame brightness and speed can adjusted all by the touch of a button. The fire’s Bluetooth remote also gives full control of the many features and allows you to enjoy the enchanting flame experience personalised to you.

Edge-to-Edge Glass

Panoramic View

Enjoy a flawless, panoramic view with Ignite Bold's edge-to-edge glass design. This feature ensures that every angle captures the mesmerizing flames, providing an immersive and visually striking experience that enhances any living area.

Flexible Placement for Any Space

Versatile Installation

This exclusive range of fires comes in three sizes 50,” 60” & 74” and offers three layout options: a single glass panel for a striking front-facing fire, two panels for a dynamic corner installation, or three panels for a truly panoramic effect – the possibilities for customisation are endless.

Realistic Embers and Logset

Authentic Ambiance

The fuel bed of Ignite Bold is meticulously decorated with lifelike embers and a detailed logset, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This realistic touch brings the charm of a traditional fireplace to your home, without the hassle of maintenance. 

Energy efficient heating


ComfortSaver is a patented technology developed by Dimplex designed to ensure energy-efficient heating. This innovative system maintains a consistent room temperature by gradually supplementing heat. This method leads to energy savings of up to 11%, making it an effective solution for reducing heating costs while maintaining comfort.

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