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Fire styles

Whether you're looking to refresh a room with a vintage-inspired, cased iron-effect or give a stylish, modern update to your existing inset fire, where it's going to be installed van help you decide what style of fire you want.


Dimplex electric built-in fireplaces are available in many designs and finishes. What they share: the simply surprising fire image, the many standard features. The great ease of use and the versatile character, which make them a radiant centerpiece in any interior. Anywhere, because a chimney or gas connection is not necessary. Very contemporary yet ready for the future.


Cozy up by the fireplace, to relax and rejuvenate yourself. No matter how you live or what style suits you, the freestanding electric Dimplex fireplaces are available in many different styles, sizes and designs, even for the smallest interior. Easy to place, without installation and without gas, wood or a chimney. A normal socket and a fine spot are all you need to let it warm your heart.


Lively fire in sleek shapes. Class that is reflected in subtle details, a neat finish and smart features. Ambiance which you can easily fine-tune to your style or mood. The electric Wall inset models from Dimplex offer that…and much more. Experience the fire and discover that the inset-options offer plenty of room for realizing your dream interior


Freestanding electric fireplaces with mantel epitomize effortless installation, requiring no intricate setup or venting. Their standout feature, stylish mantels, adds an elegant touch to any room while serving as functional shelves. These fireplaces seamlessly combine aesthetics and ease, making them the ideal choice for stylish, hassle-free heating solutions.

Wall mounted

Explore the Ultimate in Home Design: Wall mouted. Discover how our wall mounted solutions seamlessly blend the warmth and charm of fireplaces with the cutting-edge technology of television, all within a single, elegant pre-wall structure. Learn how wall mounted fires redefine interior aesthetics, enhance functionality, and provide cable management solutions, creating the perfect centerpiece for your living space. 


Imagine the perfect fireplace, but without chimney or flue and heat, as the flames are crafted from pure water vapour and LED light. Flames you can actually touch. The revolutionary Optimyst® Cassette models redefine the electric fireplace, allowing you to add a beautifully realistic fire effect to any space.


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